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KUNENE, NAMIBIA - APRIL 26: Rudy Loutit, age 64, a park ranger, rests with his Dalmatian dogs at a campsite after a twelve hour walk on April 26, 2008 in Kunene, in Namibia. Mr. Loutit did a 2-week survey with a walking safari with camels and a crew through 155 miles of proposed parkland through the savanna at Etosha National park, through rocky badlands, across the world's oldest desert, the Namib and the blinding dunes and fogy cliffs at Skeleton Coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Rudy has worked for over three decades to save the black rhinoceros from extinction through his organization, Save The Rhino Trust. The black rhino is now brought back from certain extinction and more than one hundred fifty of them roam this remote area. (Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson)....