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RWAMAGANA, RWANDA - FEBRUARY 26: School girls take a break from classes at a school for the blind, Ecole de Aveugle de Rwamgana, February 26, 2003 in Rwamagana, 40 kilometers east of Kigali, Rwanda. Many children here are victims of the genocide in 1994. Some children have injuries due to grenade splinters or have been victims of landmines. Many are traumatized by the experiences and some don't have any relatives left. 800,000 mainly Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed in about one hundred days in Rwanda in 1994. About 100,000 prisoners accused of the genocide are still in prisons nine years later awaiting trials. Rwanda is currently trying to cope with these problems of crime, punishment and reconciliation through village trials called Gacacas. Gacaca, which means on the grass, is a traditional way of solving disputes between local communities and involve juries of residents. 11,000 gacacas are currently trying to resolve crimes from the genocide. (Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson)