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BUKAVU, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - NOVEMBER 1: Mwa Nuharabu Cecilia, age 80, stands outside a ward as she is recovering from surgery on November 1, 2007 at Panzi hospital outside Bukavu, DRC. Many of these women has been raped and abused by rebels and government soldiers. About 10 women and girls show up at the hospital every day and Dr. Denis Mukwege, a gynecologist and his staff does up to 20 reconstructive operations every day. He often has to perform complicated surgery to reproductive and digestive parts of the women. The DRC conflict has seen an unprecedented high rate of rape and sexual abuse of women. The culprits are both different rebel groups and government soldiers and very few are punished. About 27,000 sexual assaults were reported in South Kivu province alone in 2006, according to the United Nations. (Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson)..