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GALUFU, MALAWI NOVEMBER 13: Kennedy Katapwit, (r) a pastor, prays during a Sunday service at Pentecostal church on November 13, 2005 in Galufu, Malawi. Many people come to the church to pray for rain and a successful harvest. Most people in the village are poor and hungry, and cannot afford to buy maize at the market. The price is twice as much as the government subsidized prices. The government used to sell subsidized maize and fertilizer but not anymore. Many in the village eat mangoes and even boil unripe ones, as they cannot afford to buy anything else. The harvest was very bad in 2005 and the next one, due in April 2006 I uncertain because of lack of rains and drought. The village has seen an increase in poverty the last few years due to drought and HIV/Aids. Southern Africa has been hit by a severe hunger crisis due to drought and poverty. An ever-increasing HIV/Aids rate adds to the misery. Malawi is one of the worst hit areas and Galufu village is a typical small village that has become victim of this poverty spiral. (Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson)