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ORANIA, SOUTH AFRICA - JANUARY 15: Morne Burger, a young white farm worker picks melons with his colleagues in a field in Orania, an all white Afrikaner community on January 15, 2003 in Orania, in the Northern Cape province, South Africa. He came to Orania to do hard labor, for a while to sort out his life. Morne spent three months in youth jail after being convicted of hitting a black man with a baseball bat and dragging him after a pick-up truck, all this according to himself. Many young men and some girls from all over SA comes to Orania to work hard for a while. They make about 150 Euros a month working 6-7 days a week. The village was founded in 1991 and bought by descendants of Hendrik Verwoerd, the architect of Apartheid. It?s run as a private town only accepting whites. About 600 Afrikaners lives in the village where they celebrate their culture and keep traditions alive. They have chosen not to live in today?s South Africa; a country ran by a black government since 1994..(Photo: Per-Anders Pettersson/ iAfrika Photos.......