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disiabu00051.Social Issues. Abuse. Mahlangabeza Zulu, age 86, a grandfather of a 11-year old girl, is shooting a cow that was a payment for the rape of the girl from the accused manÕs family for breaking the girlÕs virginity. Bawinilie, age 11, was raped by a neighbor son. Before they called the police the two families started negotiating the compensation, done traditionally here in Zulu culture in the rural areas. After receiving the cow, it was slaughtered and a feast for the whole village was held. Normally this occasion is a festive celebration but thereÕs not much singing and dancing that day. The 22-year old suspect was arrested by the police and is awaiting trial on January 30, 2002 in Port Shepstone, South Africa..©Per-Anders Pettersson/iAfrika Photos