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dicuinit00005 Culture. Initiation Raymond Banzi, age 20, is going through the traditional manhood ceremony for Xhosa men in a wooded area on October 25, 2003 in Khayelitsha, outside Cape Town South Africa. This initiation ceremony is done by most young boys in the Xhosa culture, and begins with a circumcision and then the boys stay in a hut for about 5 weeks learning how to be a man by elderly men. Most initiates who live in the cities go to the rural areas to do this, but because of city life and time pressure, some boys go through with it in the city. These pictures were taken the night before and the day he left the bush for a homecoming party with his family and friends. Fires were lit to burn his hut and clothes/belongings to forget about the old life. .Photo: Per-Anders Pettersson/ iAfrika Photos