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Thenjiwe Bosman a 24-year old worker for the ANC passes the Tequileons Pub, a whites only bar on June 20, 2001 in Vryburg, South Africa. Thenjive is scared of walking in the streets of Vryburg after dark because of racial attacks. Vryburg, a small and very conservative farming town about 400 km west of Johannesburg has had a lot of high profile racist attacks since the democratic elections in 1994. A black boy is currently in prison after stabbing a white boy in Vryburg High School.The school has had a problem with  the integration of the black pupils in the former only white school. Some bars and restaurants are still for whites only. South Africa is still battling racism after seven years of a democraticly elected black government..Photo: Per-Anders Pettersson/iAfrika Photos