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dicocon00184.Congo. Kinshasa. Technology, Communications. cell phone. Jamais Seule, a mobile phone shop owner making calls for clients in his shop on February 28, 2002 in Kinshasa, Congo.  Mobile phone has been available since 1999 has made a tremendous difference in a country like the Congo. The mobile phone is the ultimate status thing in Congo and people can be seen clinging their cell phones looking important. There are four competing providers and people can now reach friends and relatives in some of the cities in Congo or make appointments and business meeting in Kinshasa. The local telephone system is non-existent. A phone costs around $100 and local phone calls are about 35 cents US, and international calls about $ 1 per minute, a bargain compared to earlier about $ 10 per minute for overseas calls from a local phone..©Per-Anders Pettersson/iAfrika Photos