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HABASWEIN, KENYA - JULY 4: Umi Adan Olow, 3 months old, gets treatment on July 4, 2011 in a ward at the hospital in Habaswein, Kenya. Earlier she went to a Save the Children outreach site in the location to weigh and check her child. The child weighed only 1,7 kilograms. Umi was referred to the hospital in nearby Habaswein. The team examined about thirty children, among them some severely malnourished. Umis's mother brought her to the outreach site. The child has been sick a lot since birth. Amina Yare Isak, her mother, has two other children in the Save the Children nutrition program. The mother blames the drought for her children's sickness. Her livestock was finished and the lack of milk made her children malnourished. Two successive poor rains, entrenched poverty and lack of investment in affected areas have pushed millions of people into a fight for survival in the Horn of Africa. This is the driest this area have been since sixty years. (Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson)