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dieduca00207 Education, School: Jady Graslund, age 9, is playing with her school friends during a break from classes on May 6, 2003 at Newclare primary school west of Johannesburg, South Africa. Jady is living with HIV and takes drugs two times a day. She early developed warts on many parts of her body and she has learned how to live wit them, as they will never disappear totally. She goes to a normal school and is fully accepted by the pupils and the teachers. Her mother died of an Aids related disease in 1996 and she is taken care of by an aunt. Judy visits about three hospitals a week for treatment. She is one of the fortunate South African's that receives Aids drugs. The country is struggling with one of the highest HIV-Aids infection rates in the world. .©Per-Anders Pettersson/iAfrika Photos..