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dicuinit00014 Culture. Inititiation TSHATSHU, SOUTH AFRICA AUGUST 21:  Gixana Sekhele, age 18, a Xhosa boy, has just painted his face with clay as he is going trough a traditional manhood ceremony on August 21, 2000 in Tshatshu, South Africa. The ceremony lasts for about six weeks starting with a circumcision.  The wound has to be healed in a natural way and the boys are guided by traditional healers and elders during the ceremony, which is to prepare them for adulthood. Former South Africa president Nelson Mandela went trough the same ceremony when he was young. The last years has seen an increase in botched circumcisions because some operators of initiation schools use unsanitary equipment and the risk of being infected by HIV. .(Photo: Per-Anders Pettersson/ Getty Images).