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dicorwa00060.Country Rwanda. Nambajimana Dassan, age 20, is a victim of the Genocide in 1994. He lived in Kigali and was fleeing his house with his family. His parents and four brothers and sisters were killed during the fighting. His hand was cut off and he received stab wounds in his stomach. He lives in Gatagara, a village south of Kigali, Rwanda. He attends a school for a physically handicapped children run by a Dutch priest and many children living there are victims of the Genocide in 1994. About 100.000 prisoners accused of the genocide are still sitting in prisons 9 years later. Rwanda is currently trying to cope with these huge problems and some prisoners that have confessed to crimes can be tried in village trials, Gacacas, who are now operating all over the country..©Per-Anders Pettersson/iAfrika Photos