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dicuinit00025 Culture. Initiation. Ayanda Mzukwa, age 18, feels the pain as he is circumcised properly by a doctor on July 7, 2001 in Mount Ayliff in Easter Cape Province, South Africa. Every year, thousands of Xhosa men go to the bush for about 3-4 weeks to become men. They are circumcised the first day and are not allowed to eat or drink for the first seven days. It has become a lucrative business and many unskilled "doctors" put pressure on the boys and their family's to do it at an early age. Some traditional nurses use a razor blade for several boys and the infection rate is high for HIV-Aids. 170 boys from initiation school in Mount Ayliff ended up in hospital as their minders did a bad job. Some boys are are damaged for life as they can't have a normal sexlife..Photo: Per-Anders Pettersson/ iAfrika Photos