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WAJIR, KENYA - JULY 6: Dahaba Hassa (L), age 60, with her grandchild Abukar Abadi, age two, and Makay Bashane , age 40, with her child Abdirahim Abdullah, age two, waits to be weighed and measured after being admitted to the stabilization center in Wajir on July 6 in central Wajir, Kenya. The children were referred to the stabilization center in Wajir by Save the Children. Two successive poor rains, entrenched poverty and lack of investment in affected areas have pushed millions of people into a fight for survival in the Horn of Africa. This is the driest this area has been since sixty years. People in smaller town are usually fortunate to have water. In rural areas, most wells has dried up and some people was as much as eight kilometers to fetch water. Most of the livestock has perished and the remaining stock has often been taken far away for better conditions. Many has even crossed into neighboring Somalia for better pasture. (Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson)